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How do I write a prospecting email?

Comment rédiger un email de prospection

What is a prospecting email?

Before you start writing your email, it’s best to know what it consists of and what its main characteristics are. A prospecting email is used in a lead acquisition campaign. Its purpose is to convince your recipient to use your company’s services. It must therefore present your offer and its advantages to gain the reader’s interest.

How do I send a prospecting email?

To ensure your prospecting email reaches your target, you must first work on your database. This must consist of qualified prospects, carefully selected to ensure they are interested in your offer. The BtoB andzup database can therefore be used to analyse a market, target decision makers and find future customers, thanks to the centralisation of data and necessary information.

You must then choose an email subject that differs from the ones your recipient usually receives. The more the subject grabs your prospect’s attention, the more impact it will have and the higher the opening rate of your email will be. The subject of the email must therefore refer to your company’s business or your prospect’s needs, while standing out from the crowd.

There are several techniques for capturing your recipient’s attention via the subject of your prospecting email:

  • Arousing curiosity through a question about their area of activity. You then clearly explain in your email how you are an expert in the subject and how you can help them.
  • Playing the card of originality, mystery and telling the beginning of a story that you then develop in your email: the origins of your company, the story of your first customer, and so on. You then present your offer and the services provided by your company in your email.
  • Talking about current news or trends before stating your expertise and relevance in your field, in the body of the email.

Once your subject has been decided, focus on the content of your prospecting email. Start by presenting yourself and your company in a clear, concise way, so your recipient knows who you are. Choose your words carefully to give your reader confidence: a vocabulary that is both technical and understandable will highlight your expertise and skills and will seem convincing to your prospect. Also remember to give figures or results obtained by your company to consolidate your reader’s trust.

Personalise your email so that your recipient feels directly involved: do some research about them beforehand, address them by name and discuss issues they may be particularly aware of. You can also give them personalised advice to improve their project.

Your prospecting email must be the right length, neither too short nor too long: get down to the essentials without giving the impression that you are rushing your approach.

So, have your prospecting emails been sent? Now it’s time to ask: how many emails do you need to send a prospect every month? First, give them time to read your message before sending a reminder. If you haven’t received a response after one week, you can then send a reminder. Still nothing? Send a second reminder two weeks later. But if both reminders are not answered, move on to another prospect who will probably be more receptive. There’s no point trying too hard and sending several emails a month to someone who isn’t interested in your services.

You now have everything you need to make a success of your prospecting emails and boost your business by contacting the right decision makers!

Targeting the right decision makers will make a difference!

Tip: Use a qualified BtoB Marketing database! Discover andzup, the BtoB database!

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Comment rédiger un email de prospection
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How do I write a prospecting email?

To ensure your prospecting email reaches your target, you must first work on your database. This must consist of qualified prospects, carefully selected to ensure they are interested in your offer.

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