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Business Intelligence: get qualified information
and boost your prospecting

Génération du new business, les clés du succès

In the Digital age, implementing an effective marketing strategy is crucial to sustaining and developing your business. According to the Harvard Business Review, all companies lose on average 15 to 20% of their customer base every year.

In BtoB, obtaining qualified information is vital for converting leads into prospects.

In the digital age, prospecting has changed considerably in recent years.

To generate as many qualified leads as possible and boost your prospecting, new digital solutions have revolutionised companies’ marketing strategy.

Focus on Business Intelligence (BI), the key to success for your business?

Business intelligence

Business intelligence is a technological process that is used to aggregate, analyse and provide information reporting to help companies in their decision making process.

These digital solutions include: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, marketing and market analyses, real-time reporting and business analysis systems.

Using these solutions puts companies one step ahead, by improving and speeding up decision making, optimising internal processes, increasing revenue generation and operational efficiency, and obtaining a competitive advantage.

Business intelligence for information qualification

Business intelligence gives your sales teams a lead scoring solution. This involves assigning a score to your leads so that your sales teams only focus on the preferred contacts.

The aggregated data makes it possible to assign a score based on the decision maker status in the company and the specific contact history.

The higher the lead rating, and the more qualified data you have, the more progress you will make in the sales tunnel.

Sorting the information saves your sales teams valuable time, as they have qualified, hot leads to convert into customers.

Business Intelligence to analyse and boost your prospecting

Business Intelligence is an essential tool providing comprehensive, usable reporting for your business.

Business Intelligence is a genuine medium for information and decision making, thanks to the aggregation and analysis of data. It gives you:

  • Real-time KPIs: coupled with your CRM tool, Business Intelligence translates your data into key information. Reporting, a time-consuming task for your teams, is automated. Business Intelligence highlights the critical KPIs for your business in one click.
  • Data analysis solutions combine sales, marketing and financial data for a 360° view of the market using enhanced qualitative data.
  • An attractive, legible and usable layout of your key data. At a glance, dynamic, contextualised visuals of your business. Discover your business performance in a new light and increase your competitive advantage.

andzup business intelligence concentrates qualified information to optimise your prospecting. Its advanced, unprecedented features tell you everything you need to know about the market and boost your sales activity.


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