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andzup supports you in efficient, targeted, rapid prospecting. Generate business easily thanks to the intelligent data collected by our dedicated team.

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andzup adapts to your BtoB prospecting needs

The world of marketing is constantly changing. For this reason, andzup is evolving, offering you an innovative solution that is faster and more efficient. Develop your sales strategy and optimise your prospecting, with in-depth knowledge of your customers and prospects.


Helping you develop your brand image.

As an advertiser/brand, your reputation, media coverage and audience are key to increasing your visibility and showcasing your brand. Choosing andzup means putting all the luck on your side to achieve this.

Develop your BtoB business by forming new partnerships. 

Know your competition. 

Get the latest press articles, Brand Content etc.

Know the agency lead by budget.

Increase visibility.

Find key contacts.


Helping you identify new brands and advertisers to prospect.

As an agency, you support advertisers on a daily basis to promote their brand image, develop their reputation and gain market share. Consolidated data on a single platform enables you to quickly identify new brands, new advertisers and emerging sectors.

Identify new brands and advertisers to focus on.

List your agency in andzup to gain visibility.

Access key information by business line, sector, positions, etc.

Work on a vertical brand and agency.

Find out advertising investments in N and N-1.

Save time thanks to the updates and quick search time.


Helping you manage your market.

As an advertising sales department, you need to understand the issues of the market to offer a system that perfectly matches the objectives. The andzup solution makes it easier for you to access information and collect reliable data that is useful every day.

Understand the link between the different market players.

Identify decision maker and buyer contacts within the agencies. 

Find key contacts.

Create a competitive edge.

Monitor all the market trends.

Keep informed through the alert system.

Are you tempted by the andzup experience?

Our sales representatives are available to present the andzup solution to you in a few minutes. 

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