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BtoB email prospecting: key success factors

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Do you want to implement an effective marketing strategy?

Optimising prospecting emails in BtoB is a powerful lever in marketing performance. Email campaigns and targeted prospecting help to increase the flow of qualified prospects.

Email is the preferred contact channel for 63% of French professionals, according to an EMA BtoB 2017 study.

To achieve a better conversion rate and generate more sales, there are several rules you should follow to ensure the success of your sales strategy.

Focus on best practices for BtoB email prospecting to increase the number of appointments you make.

What are the key steps for successful
BtoB email prospecting?

Certain factors determine the opening rate: knowledge of the sender, trust in the sender, relevance of the subject and customisation of the subject. To optimise the opening rate and succeed in your BtoB  prospecting, you must approach the customer with care.

Accurately determine the target of your BtoB prospecting

To obtain a good opening and conversion rate, it’s crucial to target the right prospects. Rather than opting for a paid list of contacts that quickly turns out to be obsolete, you should prioritise quality over quantity.

Targeted prospecting prevents your emails from being intrusive, seen as spam and ending up in the trash.

Targeting leads that are interested in the solutions you offer is key to the success of your marketing strategy.

The andzup prospecting database gives you a constantly updated, 360° view of the market. The multiple criteria and information available enable precision prospecting. Become all-knowing and boost your sales!

Write high-impact BtoB prospecting emails

Once qualified, your prospecting target must be approached in an attractive, personalised manner. Sales automation or marketing automation tools are designed to make your sales teams’ tasks easier. However, pay attention to the quality of the messages sent:

the risk of your company being seen as a robot must comply with GDPR

Personalising the message is one of the keys to increasing the opening rate. According to Hubspot, an email that includes the recipient’s first name increases the click rate from 5.8% to 7%.

It begins with the subject of the email, which must be concise and catchy, without overdoing it, otherwise it will be classed as spam. The body of the email must be clear, personalised and consistent, offering a useful solution to your prospect.

Finally, do not neglect the power of calls to action and personalise them according to the aim of your marketing campaign (newsletter registration, download a file, etc.). 

Our andzup database includes an integrated emailing platform: create your personalised messages from our intuitive, optimised template library.

Monitor and analyse your BtoB email prospecting

Despite all the care given to your BtoB email prospecting campaign, you must analyse your performance via the click rate, profitability, etc.

A/B testing tools are good ways to collect data that will help you refine future prospecting campaigns and generate more leads!

These tools also ensure better monitoring of prospects. If a customer has not opened your email, it may be that they do not check their email regularly. Perhaps another contact channel would be more appropriate?

Our integrated messaging tool generates detailed, comprehensive reports for each of your email campaigns. It’s a powerful tool that helps you accurately adapt your marketing strategy to your prospects target.

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