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European prospecting database

base de prospection européenne

Do you want to expand your prospecting internationally?

andzup databases are designed for the communication business lines, and contain all the data you need to facilitate your development in Europe: Italy, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. An overview of solutions to strengthen your international business strategy.

Why optimise your prospecting to develop
your business internationally?

In a highly competitive market, developing your international business is not easy. Your teams’ prospecting work is crucial to qualifying leads and feeding the “sales pipeline”.

To establish yourself effectively on the European market, you need an exhaustive, up-to-date, usable database.

In Europe, 95% of advertising investments are made by 5,000 advertisers on more than 5 social networks, which in turn invest in more than 5 media. It’s not easy to prospect effectively in this data jungle!

A leading B2B database in the European market

Fortunately, andzup is the leader in qualified data in Europe. Our databases in 5 European markets contain nearly 35,000 companies and 230,000 contacts.

Our international prospecting solution is available in 5 databases for the main European markets: France, Italy, Germany, Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) and Spain.

All the European data is aggregated daily – more than one million pieces of data!

The objective? To facilitate the prospecting work essential to your business strategy, through market research and analysis.

Create new market opportunities in Europe

Optimise your knowledge of the European B2B market

andzup databases are full of essential information to identify your prospects more easily:

  • Detailed company files with news specific to subsidiaries
  • Complete organisation chart to identify decision makers
  • Decision-making files: roles, responsibilities, professional background and direct contact details

Optimising the engagement of your prospects

andzup suggests contacts based on the common points you share with your prospect.

To engage your prospects immediately, andzup includes an integrated email system. It provides a library of templates for optimal customisation of your communications. Receive a receipt acknowledgement for your email and set reminders for effective follow-up.

Receive suggestions for opportunities

The andzup platform dashboard lists all the news from the European market relevant to you:

  • Prospects
  • Key accounts
  • Appointments and turnovers

New suggestions for leads on a daily basis!

To go even further, alerts can be set so that you don’t miss your customers and prospects’ news, to increase the pretexts for engagement: fundraising, business development and external growth, you won’t miss anything!

Identify your high value-added prospects

By analysing your andzup customer portfolio, you can capitalise on high-potential customers with added value.

For your sales teams, this is an opportunity to focus their prospecting efforts on a list of priority prospects.


Comment rédiger un email de prospection
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How do I write a prospecting email?

To ensure your prospecting email reaches your target, you must first work on your database. This must consist of qualified prospects, carefully selected to ensure they are interested in your offer.

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