Free Hand | September, 2023

Laurent ALLIAS – Founder – JOSIANE

Laurent ALLIAS - Founder - JOSIANE

Between the major French and international multinationals, the integrated branches of large groups and independent agencies, we are among more than 18,000 communications agencies in France, in a market worth 32 billion euros.

For independent players, there comes a time when growth can be synonymous with loss of control, and therefore change. Success is all very well, but how far can we grow, how can we develop without getting bogged down, without losing our agility, authenticity and curiosity?

That’s the challenge Josiane has taken up with her international venture: to keep her model on a human scale (40 people in Paris), but to make it exist beyond her borders. Offices in Amsterdam, London, Montreal, Los Angeles… this is the beginning of the “smallest multinational” in the advertising industry.

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