Free Hand | October 2023

Fabien JOSIERE – FACTOR ELEVEN – Country manager France

Fabien JOSIERE - FACTOR ELEVEN - Country manager France

The retail industry is facing a major turning point in its catalog and promotional communication.
Used to distribute print catalogs and leaflets for decades, paper inflation and OuiPub experimentation oblige retailers to look for different marketing solutions. 
Most of all, interest in promotions has never been stronger, and digital becomes the first media to get informed of.

It is time to reinvent and digitize the catalog.
But how to proceed when a hundred solutions pretend to be the most effective ? what key performance indicator will be the most relevant while the digital advertising industry is struggling to reach and engage its audience ? 

The adtech Factor Eleven connects shoppers and brands locally by creating a very new digital brochure experience. 
The biggest ad placement of the digital market, dozens of interactive components to customize and modernize the brochure reading and effectiveness, scalable from one to thousands stores thanks to a proprietary platform, and a unique business model : you only for users who see your catalog, not might. That means, you do not pay for impressions, but only for people who interact with the brochure and spend at least 30s within the ad.

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