Free Hand | June 2024


Influencer Marketing Trends 2024: the report for a data-driven approach to the industry

From performance comparison between TikTok and Instagram, to UGC content, AI, Deinfluencing and much more. All the hottest influencer marketing trends of 2024, studied and converted into strategic information through a +50 page report – DOWNLOAD NOW.

Influencer marketing is changing once again and those who work in this industry know it well. 2023 in particular has seen the emergence of new trends dictated by technological changes and innovative strategies for the creation of content intended for brand-influencer collaborations. But not only that, consumers’ attention to various topics now considered essential has also increased, which no longer allows an influencer to simply advertise to earn money.

What is the current situation? How is the influencer marketing landscape evolving in 2024?

At Inflead DataLab we did a comprehensive research, analyzing the direction in which the market is moving and condensing this information within a +50 page report. More information


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