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The first scream

The tragic death of Mahsa Amini has highlighted the unspeakable challenges facing women in Iran and the admirable courage of their struggle. On the eve of the anniversary of the death of this young 22-year-old student, we wish to honour her memory and recall the importance of supporting the fight for women’s rights in Iran and around the world.

The film “The first scream” is dedicated to her and to all Iranian women who are defending their fundamental freedom. This film is above all a hymn to life that transcends borders, cultures and languages, with the same voice, the same cry. It is an ode to Iranian women, to all those who refuse to be silenced in the face of injustice and who fight courageously.

This film was conceived as a vibrant letter of hope and love written by a little girl to the woman she will become. It highlights that first scream, the symbol of birth and the field of possibilities. It is a poetic tribute to the irrepressible force of life that characterises the resilience and determination of Iranian youth. It expresses the ardent and legitimate desire for freedom, which would allow all women to dance, sing, study and love according to their own will. The names of the women quoted in the film reinforce the message of unity and solidarity between Iranian women.

The song of freedom on the lips, as proposed in the film, echoes the new anthem for women’s freedom in Iran, “Woman, Life, Freedom”. Mirroring the ongoing revolt in Iran, women’s voices will not be silenced until every woman is able to enjoy her fundamental rights and freedoms.

This film is a reminder of the determination of Iranian women to pursue their quest for freedom and dignity. So that we don’t forget them, and because these struggles are a reminder of how fragile and threatened women’s rights are all over the world, we invite all human rights defenders on all sides to relay this film.

Let the cry for freedom resound and grow until every woman can live without fear or oppression, and her right to freedom and dignity is respected.



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