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The Ice Ballet: Citroën ë-Berlingo van

Citroën’s latest ad campaign, “The Ice Ballet,” crafted by the renowned agency BETC Paris, is a head-turning masterpiece that blends visual spectacle with delightful absurdity.
Forget graceful dancers on a stage; here, a construction worker performs a captivating ice ballet in perfect harmony with his trusty Citroën ë-Berlingo van. This quirky ad is more than just entertainment. It’s a powerful metaphor for the seamless partnership between you and your Citroën.
It highlights the ë-Berlingo’s ability to adapt and excel alongside you, no matter the task at hand. 
Praised for its creativity and execution, “The Ice Ballet” is sure to spark conversation.
It’s a reminder that Citroën isn’t afraid to push boundaries and create truly memorable campaigns.



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